You think it will never happen to you … and then it does.

Out of the blue, a terminal diagnosis can turn your world upside down.

For Jodie, just 37 days is all it took to lose the love of her life.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss of her husband, Jodie was ill-prepared for the way that grief presented in her life, the intense fear, anxiety, panic and deep sadness, while also struggling with the loss of her own identity.

Finding a lack of resources about how to deal with her situation, Jodie reached out to other widows. She found that it is all too common.

Quite often, we are not prepared for the onslaught of grief in our lives, simply because as a society, we do not talk about loss and grief openly, if at all.

Wanting to change that and help others like her, Jodie made the decision to become a Grief Recovery Specialist®.

Have You Met My Grief? is a resource and toolkit for widows, widowers and anyone who has experienced devastating loss, to normalise the conflicting emotions, behaviour, and thoughts that show up, evolve and impact your life as you adjust to life without your person.

With practical strategies and tips to manage difficult situations, Have You Met My Grief? is also a valuable tool for family and friends who want to support a griever through this tough time.

Jodie xx