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Part of Grief Recovery is unlearning some myths about grief, and eliminating the confusion around stages.

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If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely because you’re currently facing some form of loss, and your heart is hurting.

Grief is a natural and normal response to any kind of loss, accompanied by the complex and conflicting emotions that arise when a familiar pattern of behavior comes to an end or undergoes some transformation.

While the death of a loved one and divorce are commonly acknowledged sources of grief, there are numerous other life events that can trigger these feelings.

Together, we can navigate this journey toward healing and integration back into your life with purpose and meaning.

Move forward beyond the pain of loss you are experiencing

Normalise the conflicting emotions, behaviour and thoughts

Reclaim a sense of wellbeing, and a greater capacity for happiness

Jodie Atkinson

Jodie Atkinson is an accomplished individual with a range of expertise. She is a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®, Speaker, Author, and Entertainer.

Her debut book, “Have You Met My Grief?”, not only serves as a written work but has also been transformed into an Award-winning Cabaret show that premiered at the 2023 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival.

Qualifications & Training

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®
Certified Life Coach
Certified End Of Life Doula

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist ®

Author of “Have you met my grief?”

Speaker, Presenter & Entertainer

You think it will never happen to you … and then it does.

Out of the blue, a terminal diagnosis can turn your world upside down. For Jodie, just 37 days is all it took to lose the love of her life.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss of her husband, Jodie was ill-prepared for the way that grief presented in her life, the intense fear, anxiety, panic and deep sadness, while also struggling with the loss of her own identity.

Finding a lack of resources about how to deal with her situation, Jodie reached out to other widows. She found that it is all too common.  Quite often, we are not prepared for the onslaught of grief, simply because as a society, we do not talk about loss and grief openly, if at all.

Wanting to change that and help others like her, Jodie made the decision to become a Grief Recovery Specialist®.

Have You Met My Grief? is a resource and toolkit for widows, widowers and anyone who has experienced devastating loss, to normalise the conflicting emotions, behaviour, and thoughts that show up, evolve and impact your life as you adjust to life without your person.

With practical strategies and tips to manage difficult situations, Have You Met My Grief? is also a valuable tool for family and friends who want to support a griever through this tough time.

Jodie xx

Grief Support

  • Death of spouse or family member
  • Pet Loss
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Health / End Of Life
  • Career / Retirement

90 min session
The Grief Recovery Method Program (7 sessions)
Pet Loss Program (6 sessions)
When Children Grieve (4 sessions)


  • Life After Loss Part 1 – Navigating the new normal
  • Life After Loss Part 2– Reclaiming Identity, Passion and Purpose
  • Grief and The Workplace
  • Writing Your Experience – How to write your story to help others

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Have You Met My Grief?

  • Sunday 18 Feb
  • Sunday 3 Mar
  • Sunday 17 Mar

I believe the arts are a wonderful forum to explore, feel, engage, learn and connect…

Things don’t always go to plan and after an unimaginable loss, author, speaker and presenter Jodie Atkinson found herself with a new companion; Grief. Jodie had no idea what to expect from this new companion because we don’t really talk about it. So Jodie wrote a book about it. Adapted from her novel of the same name, Have You Met My Grief explores life: it’s ups and downs, it’s light and shade, the heartwarming and the heartbreaking. Grief and humour can coexist, there is beauty, connection and love in even the harshest of realities. A compelling mix of storytelling and popular songs from Coldplay, Adele and The Temper Trap that span the life of this Gen X woman, it’s unpredictable, vulnerable and hilarious just like life….. and grief!


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