Through the Grief Recovery Method®, I can help you to discover and complete the emotional pain, the unfinished business you are holding on to. I can help you move forward beyond the pain of  loss you are experiencing to regain a sense of well-being, and a greater capacity for happiness.

Together, we can navigate this journey toward healing and integration back into your life with purpose and meaning.

Most people do not have successful grief recovery experience. As a society, we have not been taught how to lose things and how to recover from the emotional pain when someone dies or a relationship ends. The Grief Recovery Method® gives you very specific actions to take in order to heal your heart. It provides the griever with helpful language, ways to deal with the conflicting emotions and more effective information for dealing with loss.

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It is never too soon to start to heal your broken heart. Part of Grief Recovery is unlearning some myths about grief, and eliminating the confusion around stages, so you can experience the method to complete unfinished business and move forward beyond the pain of loss.

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